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A new petticoat and stomacher for an Outlander Ball

(Hah this has been in draft for 2 months now… Finally have time for posting after Costume College. Oh right, and after moving in June. ) The Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild is threw an Outlander themed ball in June. … Continue reading

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Eliza Schuyler / Elizabeth Hamilton – what I actually decided to do

So last time, I had decided against making a francaise or a levite, but what was I actually going to make that is somewhat documentable? Somewhere in the middle of that¬†searching, I found this dress: I should have been jumping … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Schuyler / Eliza Hamilton

So I’ve been all coyly hinting about the 18th century dress I’m planning on making. Like all right thinking people, I’m obsessed with the musical Hamilton. Somehow I got on the idea of making Elizabeth/Eliza Schuyler/Hamilton dress, but actually historically … Continue reading

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A (mumblecentury) pocket

Since in this modern world, you can pry my cell phone out of my cold dead hands, I figured I needed a pocket to wear with the upcoming 18th century dress (which I still haven’t told you about) so I … Continue reading

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Oh My God Becky, Look At Her Bumroll

I’m planning a 1780s dress (I promise to tell you about it eventually), and needed some new junk-in-the-trunk support garments. My previous dress used pocket hoops, but those are so pass√© by the time you get to 1780. I read … Continue reading

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Finished shift

The piece of shi(f)t is done! I practiced my deep breathing, and ended up removing and re-sewing the backwards sleeve, plus removing and resewing the backwards cuff. Then onto a new skill for me, handmade buttonholes. I went off of … Continue reading

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Can I throw every piece into the fire now?

This EXPLETIVE shift just does not want to get made. After taking out the gathers, cutting down the shift sleeves and sewing them in, I popped the shift back on again. Sleeves were still too long. I ended up taking … Continue reading

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